Vibertron Technologies Announces MCiS: The Most Advanced Multi-channel Integrated Remote Work Sales Solution


Vibertron Technologies Announces MCiS: The Most Advanced Multi-channel Integrated Remote Work Sales Solution

BUENA PARK, January 11, 2024 — Vibertron Technologies, a leading innovator in cutting-edge biztech solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its revolutionary service, the Multi-channel Integrated Remote Work Telesales Solution, known as MCiS. This groundbreaking offering marks a significant stride forward in the realm of remote sales capabilities, providing clients with unprecedented efficiency and effectiveness in their telesales operations.

With MCiS, Vibertron Technologies empowers businesses to transcend traditional limitations of remote work. Leveraging state-of-the-art technologies, and proven strategies, MCiS team seamlessly integrates multiple communication channels, ensuring uninterrupted and enhanced interactions between sales executives and prospective customers. This innovative solution is designed to boost productivity, sales, and drive revenue growth.

Our mission at Vibertron has always been to pioneer solutions that transform the way businesses operate,” said Raza H. Qadri, founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Vibertron Technologies. “With the launch of MCiS solution, we are redefining the landscape of remote sales and telesales, providing our clients with an unparalleled advantage in today’s dynamic business environment.”

Key features of MCiS include:

– Multi-channel Integration: MCiS team seamlessly integrates voice, video, chat, and email channels for a comprehensive and interactive sales experience.

– Advanced Analytics: Powerful analytics tools provide real-time insights, enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions and optimize their sales strategies.

– Scalability and Flexibility: MCiS is designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes, offering scalability to meet evolving demands.

Vibertron Technologies’ MCiS is set to revolutionize the way businesses approach sales, offering a solution tailored to the needs of the modern remote workforce.

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