Welcome to the future of technology, where value, innovation, and commitment drive momentum. Established in 2019, Vibertron is an innovative technology services company, based in Buena Park, California. Our passion for helping businesses has grown us into an end-to-end technology services provider, developing managed solutions for organizations across almost ALL business sectors.

Who Are We

With more than 200 global clients, Vibertron is the world’s first independent, end-to-end Business Technology (BizTech) company, helping clients harness the power of the most innovative technologies and remote-work solutions.

Our Mission

To provide the very best business technology solutions that: Small Business Owners recommend each other; Large Corporations prefer for their operations; Affiliates select for their clients; and our Family of Employees are proud of!


Why Choose Us?

We are a trusted business advisor to over 200 global SMBs, LCEs, government agencies, cities, and towns. We help organizations analyze, build, implement, improve, and manage their IT, marketing, public relations, and publishing departments.

At Vibertron, our experienced teams collaborate closely with you throughout our engagement. We take great pride in what we do and strive for consistency, professionalism, and excellence. All this leads to the development of strategic insights and collaborative recommendations that you can support with full confidence.

We provide the most affordable, individually tailored business technology solutions designed to meet the needs of the current, ever-changing business environment.

At Vibertron, creating a results-oriented culture doesn’t start by finding result-oriented people. It starts by defining the results our clients want to achieve and then finding people with integrity who are capable and motivated to achieve them.

Running a small or medium-sized business is tough in the current environment; therefore, knowing how to increase ROI is vital for businesses to survive. At Vibertron, we follow a custom-made, integrated approach to synchronize, automate, and digitalize your business to reduce expenses while increasing profitability.

Industry leading proprietary BizTech management system — Vibertron24x7™ Integrated Live Support. 

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Meet Our Leadership Team

Raza H. Qadri - ALI

Raza H. Qadri (Ali)

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer
Elizabeth Anderson vibertron

Elizabeth Anderson

Chief Executive Officer

Alexis N. Lathan (Alex)

Chief Technology Officer
Mahika Sherma vibertron

Mahika Sherma

Chief Operating Officer
Jonathan J. Elf (John) vibertron

Jonathan J. Elf (John)

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer
Esther Adler vibertron

Esther Adler

Head Of Global Operations